Cheyenne graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Victoria campus in August 2018. Throughout her active life she has found a variety of manual therapies effective for maintenance of her health, managing injuries and physical and mental relaxation which has guided her in her passion for helping people. Massage therapy has always been something that is interesting to her, along with the muscles and bones of human anatomy.

It’s very important to Cheyenne that her patients feel heard and important. She knows that each patient’s goals are different and she works to help achieve them using various techniques such as trigger point therapy, fascial release, joint mobilization, as well as active and passive modalities.

She grew up in northern BC involved in many sports such as figure skating, volleyball, and soccer. Today, Cheyenne enjoys weight-lifting, CrossFit, downhill skiing, in-line skating and ice skating. She also loves knitting and spending time with her mini dachshund.