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Extended Care:

Initial Visit & Treatment



Subsequent Treatment


Please note: 

  • Initial Visits (45 minutes) for chiropractic with the new patient involves a review of health history, assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Laser Therapy pricing based on treatment duration of 30-60 minutes.
  • Orthotics are customized for each individual. A comprehensive examination utilizing an innovative diagnostic and casting tool ( TOG GaitScan™ ) will be charged separately.
  • Extended Care schedule varies.  The doctor discusses the best care plan with you.  This may include electrical and/or cold laser therapy, physical examinations and adjustments, and tailored rehabilitation exercise plans.
  • We accept ICBC, RCMP, DVA, and MSP.


Most extended health plans cover varying levels of coverage for chiropractic, massage, and orthotics.  With the exception of Pacific Blue Cross we do not bill extended health plans directly. Patients must submit receipts for reimbursement directly based on what is included in their plan.


We require 24 hours notice for cancellations in order to accommodate other patients on a waiting list.   For cancellations or changes without enough notice a fee will apply.

Please call the clinic with adequate notice.